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Apparently I Need More 80s In My Life

12 Oct

So, during an awesome conversation last night with Agent Lady during which we discussed very productive thoughts regarding a current WIP, this happened:

Agent Lady: “You know, like in Legend, with the dancing dress?”

Me: “…Legend?”

AL: “You know, with Tom Cruise and Tim Curry and what’s-her-face from Ferris Bueller? Mia Sara?”

Me: “…?”



AL: “Wait, you mean you’ve seriously never seen it?”

Me, ashamed: “No…”


At this point, she proceeded to tell me all about the UNICORNS in the movie, and I watched a few Legend clips on YouTube, and oh my goodness, y’all. I really MUST purchase this DVD. The Ultimate Edition, that is, which includes both the U.S. theatrical cut (and the godawful, cheesy Tangerine Dream 80s music) as well as the original cut, shown everywhere but the U.S., with a gorgeous score by the one and only Jerry Goldsmith. See, for example, THIS scene:

P.S. The original Jerry Goldsmith score is available for purchase on iTunes. I’M JUST SAYING.

Man. Diana should be proud. I only found out about this movie late last night, and I’m already nerding out with trivia and whatnot.

Anyway, this is not the first time this situation has arisen, wherein Diana talks about an awesome 80s something-or-other, and I just kind of stare at her blankly through the phone, and then she gasps in horror and proposes that someday we shall have to have an 80s movie marathon, to catch me up on all the glorious 80s-ness of which I’ve been deprived. (See: She-ra)

I guess because I was born in 1986, I just missed out on all this awesomeness due to my age. And the fact that instead of She-ra and Legend, I watched Star Trek: The Next Generation pretty much exclusively (thanks, Mom and Dad; no, really). In fact, I think the only 80s fantasy movie I’ve ever seen is The NeverEnding Story, which, I mean, if there’s one 80s movie I needed to see, maybe it was that one, even though all I remember about it at this point (haven’t seen it since I was quite wee) is a giant flying dog and WHEN THE HORSE DIES.

But I haven’t seen Legend. Or Labyrinth. Or The Dark Crystal, or Willow, and I only recently saw the animated The Last Unicorn (which…I didn’t think was all that great, I have to say, but nothing could live up to that beautiful book), and I’ve only seen The Princess Bride once, and I was little, and I don’t remember anything about it except that I felt kind of meh about the whole thing.

I feel like I’m missing out on this entire universe of nerd-fantasy-pop culture dominated by creepy Muppets and synthesizers. And that I should rectify this situation as soon as possible (as well as give The Princess Bride a second chance).

Have y’all seen these movies? Which are your favorites? Which should I, a sad, sad 80s newb, start with? And, most importantly, f I watch enough of them, will I grow numb to the gross synthesizer music?

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