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I Have a New Tumblr!

18 Apr

This is a brief post to let you know that I have a new Tumblr!

I know — STOP THE PRESSES, right?

But seriously. I love compartmentalizing things. Organization is the key to maximizing productivity, juggling multiple deadlines/projects, maintaining personal zen, and having a clean apartment (this last one is extremely important; I LOATHE mess!).

With that in mind, I’ve created a separate Tumblr (in addition to my formal, author Tumblr), for posting about things that aren’t related to my books.

Said formal, author Tumblr mostly consists of posts directly relating to a book project of mine. I have, however, had a “Miscellaneous” tag for a while now, under which I post random things I like but that don’t fit into a particular book category.

This “Miscellaneous” tag has been driving me crazy. It is my personal guilty secret, much like Monica’s secret closet. This tag has been the tag under which all the stuff that just doesn’t fit goes.


Now I have an informal Tumblr in which I post about all the random stuff I love — like cupcakes, and puppies, and The West Wing. And Daniel Craig. Also, Friends gifs.

Like this one!

And now that I’ve demonstrated the full OCD-esque extent of my organizational quirks, come follow me! If you like cupcakes, that is. And who doesn’t like cupcakes?? Crazy people, that’s who.* **

*No offense to crazy people.

**Or to people who, for medical reasons, cannot eat cupcakes.

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