News: THE YEAR OF SHADOWS e-ARCs Now Available!

7 Mar

Howdy, y’all! *tips hat*

(I’ve been homesick lately. Can you tell? Like, all I want is some frozen margaritas, some legit amazing guacamole, and WINTER TO END. Is that so much to ask?! Not even kidding, I would happily take the 100-degrees, can-feel-my-skin-cooking-the-minute-I-step-outside, sweaty-after-thirty-seconds, driving-with-two-fingers-on-the-steering-wheel Texas heat right now.)

This is just a quick post to let you know that electronic review copies of The Year of Shadows are, as of today, available on Edelweiss!



Since there are only so many The Year of Shadows print ARCs available, distributing review copies electronically through services like Edelweiss is a fast, convenient way for my publisher to get my book into the hands of all you lovely librarians, teachers, bloggers, and reviewers eager to read about Olivia and her ghostly friends — and Igor, of course. Heaven forbid we forget the cat. I mean, he will scratch your eyes right out of your head while you sleep.

Just look at that face:


If someone out there with Photoshop and inclination turns Igor into one of those “SOON” memes, I will love you forever.

(This reminds me of a post UNICORN and I have been wanting to write for a while now, about cats and how they are EVIL. And now that I’m living with two cats (TWO, dear god), it’s even more important that we get this post out onto the Interwebs before we’ve mysteriously disappeared and all that’s left of us are the sparkly purple strands from UNICORN’s tail the little demons poop out in the litter box.)

ANYWAY. If you’re as excited about reading The Year of Shadows as I am about sharing it with you, get thee to a nunnery Edelweiss, sign up/register, and request a copy! You can also request a print ARC here.

(By the way, if all this “Edelweiss” business is making you think of that terrible/glorious moment near the end of The Sound of Music when Captain von Trapp breaks down while singing “Edelweiss” and can’t finish, which when you watched as a kid made you experience incredible secondhand embarrassment because it was like watching your own father cry, and when you watched as an adult made you think, “God, he is so hot and noble, you GET IT, Maria” . . . you are not alone.)

(I like how more than half of this post is in parentheses. Obviously I have the focus of a RABBIT today.)


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One Response to “News: THE YEAR OF SHADOWS e-ARCs Now Available!”

  1. lovingrob March 8, 2013 at 2:25 am #

    Oh, that is amazing :D At first I was so so so happy about it being up on Edelweiss, but then I got declined for it, and now I’m really truly sad :( depressing. Hih. But yeah. Will try to request it again in a week.. But yeah. A bit sad. Still. Excited for you :D <3
    Love, Carina Olsen

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